Product Review: Jack Lalane Juicer

Will Randolph
Republic of Health
May 31, 2009

You have probably seen the old, but still in good shape, Jack Lalane infomercial about his vegetable juicer. He lauds the virtues of drinking fresh and unpasteurized juice as a means of getting your daily vitamin and mineral needs. I’m going to take an in depth look at the pros and cons of Jack Lalane’s Juicer.


Most people get a juicer, use it once, and then pack it in storage. The first problem with a juicer is you actually have to use it to get the benefits.

The second con is storage. The machine is not small, so where are you going to store it? If you don’t have the counter space to just leave it out, like I do, then you are in trouble. When I didn’t have enough counter space I would store it disassembled, and it still took up a whole shelf. It is so much easier just to leave it out on the counter, and you’ll be more likely to keep using it if it’s in plain sight.

This isn’t really a con but it’s important to clean the unit right after you’re done using it. So, I set aside about half an hour for the whole juicing process of, cleaning and cutting the vegetables, juicing, and then cleaning the juicer.

My biggest qualm with the Jack Lalane juicer is that it was made in China. I wouldn’t have minded paying a little more, knowing that I was helping to employ some of my fellow countrymen.


The Jack Lalane juicer’s downspout, where you shove the vegetables in, is big enough to fit a whole apple. Some of the bigger apples might have to be cut in half but it will certainly fit any size carrot, which saves lots of cutting time.

The motor is very power and the juicing plate is strong. So even when I shove lots of vegetables at once the motor does not even slow down. And compared to the other juicers I’ve used the Jack Lalane produces more juice.

The vitalizing energy I get from drinking fresh, unpasteurized juice almost everyday is well worth the money for the juicer and the time it takes to make the juice.

I would recommend everyone start drinking raw juice as much as possible even if you don’t buy the Jack Lalane, get a juicer and use it.


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