FDA Finds Contaminated Children’s Vaccines at Merck

Karl Stark
Philadelphia Inquirer
April 30, 2008

Federal inspectors documented unwanted “fibers” on the stoppers of vaccine vials at Merck & Co. Inc.’s vast vaccine plant in Montgomery County.

They also found instances of contaminated children’s vaccines and complaints that were not always investigated at the West Point plant.

Inspectors from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration spent 30 days at the plant between November and January and cited 49 areas of concern, including a failure to follow good manufacturing practices.

The findings are detailed in an unpublished 21-page FDA report obtained by The Inquirer under the federal Freedom of Information Act.

Independent experts who reviewed the report say it documents serious concerns in one of the country’s premier vaccine plants. They suggested the problems could be a symptom of Merck’s cost cutting in the face of rapid growth of its vaccine business.

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2 Responses to FDA Finds Contaminated Children’s Vaccines at Merck

  1. Ray Salomone says:

    Contaminated Vaccines. False Reports. Cover ups. Just another day at the Big Pharma office. As a Park Avenue Personal Trainer, I had the opportunity recently to ask the CEO of a major pharma player if he vaccinates his children. He paused and then stumbled over his words. That was all I needed to see.
    Also, he travels with armed guards. Why?
    Read Vaccine Safety by Neil Miller. 50% of kids who contract a disease had been vaccinated. Rates of sickness of ALL the major vaccine illnesses were dropping dramatically BEFORE the vaccine was put into use. 70% of SIDS deaths occur within 21 dats of pertussis vaccine. Please think long and hard about vaccinating your children.

    Ray Salomone
    Personal Trainer and Wellness Activist
    Blog: http://www.GrecoRomanWellness.wordpress.com
    The Most Provocative Wellness Blog on the internet

    Eat Fresh, Whole Foods. Exercise Intensely


    Coming Soon to bookstores:

    The Greco Roman Road to Wellness by Ray Salomone and Dr. Katina Ioannidis
    Amazon link:

    • republicofhealth says:

      Yes, the medical industrial complex is very corrupt. And it’s us the citizens that are the victims. And until we wake up and realize these big pharma companies do not love us or even have our best interests in mind, then we are going to continue to be victims.

      It’s time to wake up and take personal responsibility for our health and the things we allow to enter our bodies.

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