Health Ranger Reveals the Five Most Powerful Anti-Viral Remedies for Influenza and Swine Flu in Free Report

Mike Adams
Natural News
June 3, 2009

The Health Ranger, a proponent of nutritional education for the public, has overcome the censorship efforts of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and published a free, non-commercial guide that reveals five powerful anti-viral remedies that can help protect people from influenza pandemics.

The full, free report is entitled The Five Best Anti-Viral Products to Beat Influenza, Swine Flu, Bird Flu and SARS and is available here:…

Recently, the FDA sent out a wave of intimidating warning letters to nutritional supplement companies, threatening them with seizure of their products and criminal prosecutions if they dare mention H1N1 Influenza (Swine Flu) in conjunction with their anti-viral products. This censorship campaign is clearly an effort to wipe clean common knowledge about medicinal herbs from the minds of the People, forcing them to be dependent on vaccines, pharmaceuticals and conventional health “authorities” who already admit their vaccines won’t work for future mutations of influenza.

To combat the FDA’s “information cleansing” campaign, the Health Ranger has gone public with his five top recommended anti-viral remedies. Notably, the Health Ranger has no financial ties to any of the products he recommends in this report. His entire report (…) is non-commercial speech protected by the Free Speech provisions of the United States Constitution.

This NaturalNews free report covers:

• Why the FDA, CDC and even the natural products industry doesn’t want you to learn this information.

• Why conventional medicines and vaccines will utterly fail in a pandemic.

• The top five anti-viral remedies recommended by the Health Ranger.

• Exact links where you can acquire most of these recommended anti-viral products right now.

• Four additional natural remedies offering powerful anti-viral properties.

• Why the greatest killer in the next big pandemic will be ignorance! (And how to stay alive by staying informed.)

• How health authorities try to dumb down the people, turning them into victims instead of self-reliant citizens.

• The top five things that can kill you during a pandemic (Warning: You may be taking one or more of these things right now…)

• The real reason why plants offer such powerful anti-viral medicine.

… and more. Read the full report here:…

Empowering people with the truth about natural medicine

“The publication of this report is about empowering people with potentially lifesaving information that the FDA has, at every opportunity, attempted to destroy,” said Mike Adams, the report author and editor of “By keeping the American public ignorant of the natural anti-viral properties of medicinal plants, U.S. health authorities have signed the death warrants for countless victims in the next great pandemic,” Adams added


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