Natural Remedies: Focus on Colloidal Silver

Republic of Health
June 4, 2009

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is suspended silver particles in distilled water. It is made by the process of passing an electric current through distilled water containing a strip of pure silver. The electromagnetic pulse pulls tiny particles of silver from the pure strip and leaves them suspended in the distilled water attached to slightly charged atoms.

Colloids are the smallest form of biological matter. Because colloids are so small, they are easily absorbed in the body by skipping the digestive process and passing straight through membranes.


Colloidal silver was widely used in the 19th century for illness and diseases ranging from the common cold to skin infection. It’s wide spread use continued until 1983 when the FDA began its heavy campaign to discredit colloidal silver’s benefits. The FDA refuses to recognize any research that promotes the use of colloidal silver as an alternative to pharmaceutical antibiotics. It has been argued that the FDA is intimately tied to and infested with lobbyists from, pharmaceutical mega corporations and the reason for their dismissal of colloidal silver is because it threatens the multi billion dollar anti-biotic industry. Up until recently, the FDA declared, any silver based product had to be labeled as a pre-1938 drug.

It is well known that silver is naturally anti-bacterial. During the Civil War, the officers with silver canteens hardly suffered dysentery, while it was prevalent among lower level soldiers. It became a wide spread practice to drop a silver coin into the canteen to purify the water. Many people can remember, in the days before refrigeration, when their grandparents would drop a silver coin into the milk bottle to keep it from spoiling so quick.

How Colloidal Silver Works

In the presence of colloidal silver, any single celled pathogen’s oxygen metabolism enzyme, the lungs, are disabled. The bacteria, fungus, or virus suffocates, dies, and then is cleansed by the lymphatic system. But unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics, colloidal silver does not destroy beneficial enzymes.

Common Uses

The March 1978 issue of Science Digest, in an article, “Our Mightiest Germ Fighter,” reported: “Thanks to eye-opening research, silver is emerging as a wonder of modern medicine. An antibiotic kills perhaps a half-dozen different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop. Moreover, silver is virtually non-toxic.” The article ended with a quote by Dr. Harry Margraf, a biochemist and pioneering silver researcher who worked with the late Carl Moyer, M.D., chairman of Washington University’s Department of Surgery in the 1970s: “Silver is the best all-around germ fighter we have.” [2]

Several studies have reported that colloidal silver can kill over 650 micro-organisms including: acne, AIDS [1], allergies, appendicitis, arthritis, athlete’s foot, bladder inflammation, blood parasites, blood poisoning, boils, burns, cancer [1, 4, 5].

Natural health practitioners recommend for people to take colloidal silver orally, by swishing under the tongue in the mouth and then swallowing for quick absorption into the blood stream. Since colloidial silver accumalates in the body, it is recommended to take a larger does for the first couple of days and then a smaller dose everyday. It is recommended that after six weeks of this to pause for several weeks. The silver is eliminated by the body’s kidneys, lymph system, and bowels after a couple weeks.

Colloidal silver can also be used in a spray bottle for the sinuses, skin, cuts, abrasions, open wounds, sores, to disinfect water, or even in the eyes. Applying the silver to skin wounds is painless.

In the late 1970s, Robert O. Becker, M.D., author of The Body Electric, discovered that silver ions promote bone growth and kill surrounding bacteria [1].

Possible Side Effects

There have been rumors circulating that colloidal silver can cause Argyria, a condition where the skin turns blue/grey. This is the most common argument to discredit colloidal silver. But, it has come out that Argyria is cause by silver nitrate and silver sulfide, not colloidal silver. This is a good reason to do research before you decide to buy a particular silver solution.

Product Quality

Any product that is made by chemical method, very dark, has sediment, needs to be shaken, or requires refrigeration should be avoided.

It has been reported that nano silver is more readily available to the body.


1. Dr. Robert Becker, ” The Body Electric”

2. “Silver, Our Mightiest Germ Fighter,” ScienceDigest, March 1978.

3. The FDA has stated that because colloidal silver is accepted as a pre-1938 medication, it may continue to be marketed. Letter, 13 September 1991, received from consumer safety officer Harold Davis, U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

4. Dr. Bjorn Nordstrom, of the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

5. Dr. Otto Warberg (Nobel Prize Winner, 1932)


These statements have not been evaluated by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Nothing stated here should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem, or to diagnose / treat / prevent / cure any disease. All information posted on this web site is provided for educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as medical advice. Only a licensed medical doctor can legally offer medical advice in the United States. Consult your health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems. This article on colloidal silver is simply a collection of information that is in the public domain, and is presented strictly for informational and educational use only. Information conveyed herein is based on pharmacological and other records both ancient and modern. No claims whatsoever can be made as to the specific benefits that might result from the use of colloidal silver.


4 Responses to Natural Remedies: Focus on Colloidal Silver

  1. Lynn says:

    I have a condition called harry tongue it just was diagosed yesterday. I was told to bruch w/tongue cleaner etc. I have used colodial silver in the past my whole family. Is it okay to use it as a disenfectant on my tongue swish it over the tongue and spit it our. I also would take it under the tongue and then swallow.

  2. robhutch says:

    Reference Side Effects; I have been involved with medical uses of silver for over 30 years from silver implants to bactericidal treatments, always the use of ionic silver has lead to the kind of problems that you outline above. However massive (implants etc) and particulate colloidal silver or granular silver has never caused any side effect.


  3. Purest Colloids is a manufacturer of MesoSilver and colloidal silver supplements for you health and well-being. With years of research and experience with colloidal silver and colloidal silver supplements, Purest Colloids can provide you the safe and effective silver colloidal products that you need.

  4. charliedw says:

    Lynn, yes it is OK to use as a disenfectant over the tongue. Just make sure that you use a modern colloidal silver with nano-particles.

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