How to Avoid Hangovers Naturally

Sharyl Walters
Natural News
June 12, 2009

Along with the summer months, come a multitude of celebrations. Families gather together for yearly reunions. Travel increases and bon voyage parties are thrown. Festive events celebrating young people graduating from high school and college occur and summer weddings and receptions take place. These festivities are in addition to your normal celebrations such as the birth of a new baby, anniversaries and birthdays and your favorite sports team winning the game. Yes! We are definitely a nation of people who love to celebrate.

Normally, with the celebration, comes food or snacks, and more times than not, alcoholic beverages. If you’ve ever celebrated more than you should, by having too much to drink, and awoke the following morning to what seemed like a thousand little drummers beating their drums in your head, your stomach feeling as if you would never eat again, and thirst beyond description, you probably just awoke with a hangover. The good news is… hangovers don’t last forever. You will recover. Here are a few simple things you can do to avoid the notorious hangover.

If you are going to drink, do not drink alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach. Munch on something that is rich in complex fat and proteins such as nuts during the time you are drinking. Drink slowly and alternate alcoholic drinks with a beverage such as water or green tea. Be sure to keep yourself hydrated. Know your limits and be able to say, “I’ve had enough.”

However, if you find yourself in a situation where you’ve celebrated way too much, waking up with a throbbing head and sick stomach, here are a few home remedies that are used to treat hangovers. Eat bananas. Because of the potassium and nutrients in bananas, eating bananas will help restore fluids and electrolytes that your body has lost. The same goes for drinking tomato juice. It may sound dreadful but it really does help. Ginger also has healing properties and raw ginger may be chewed in tiny pieces or brewed into tea. To the tea, add the juice of an orange, a little lemon juice, and some honey. Sit with a cool wash cloth or ice bag on your head and sip the tea slowly. Allow your body time to renew.

Recovering from a hangover will normally take from twelve to twenty-four hours. If possible, limit your activity until you are feeling well again. So go ahead…celebrate the good times in your life…but with moderation. Drink responsibly.

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